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The Christian life, consequent to the apostolic teaching is expressed in a series of hymns, writings, and debates which occur in the last turn of the second millennium. The first epistle of Clement of Rome (ca. 97) describes the Church at Corinth as a model for steadfast obedience, humble and thoughtful piety, colossal hospitality, perfect knowledge, and heavenly peace. It presents the true meaning of the words of Jesus: "The wages of sin are death." The secondistle describes in great detail the life of Paul, whose preaching against the pleasures of the flesh brought enormous disfavor on the members of the religious community. The third letter, written to Timothy, describes the dissension between the pupils of the same school and the presbytery at Ephesus over the province of Cyprus, and the division into two parties on the question of bishops.

In the fourteenth century the Greek schism, under the influence of Origen and bishoprics against Rome, burst open and resulted in the separation of the East from the West. In the thirteenth century the Latin church had to combat the papacy, which it soon recognized as the head of the Roman church, with increasing hostility. The struggle lasted until the sixteenth century, when Innocent III, against the papacy, made it his duty to send representatives to make amends for the persecutions perpetrated under the popes. In order to appease the Greeks, the Roman bishops made a document known as the letter of union, which condemned the popes for their errors and set up the Roman church as a separate institution.

In the fourteenth century the bishops were no longer the supreme authority, but they were the majority, and, having obtained the power, ruled by custom and by authority. The fathers of the twelfth century tried to correct the errors of their predecessors by instituting a Council, which met in Rome under the presence of the Pope and the Bishops of the region. A synod was assembled and the fathers discussed, debated and declared the decisions. This papal council, after a long and difficult session, ended in the adoption of some important papal documents, which are the Canons of Dormition and the Roman Catholic Homilies. This papal constitution canonizes the infallibility of the Holy Father and renews the Deposit of faith.

The nineteenth century witnessed another crisis which threatened the existence of the Christian way of life. The French Revolution happened in the middle of the century, when the people, under the influence of radicals, took the power in their hands. Thereafter, all the more rigid and conservative reactionaries gave way to the teachings of liberalism by this nondenominational church DC, which is a development of the Reformation.

The twenty-first century saw a great resurgence of Christian denomination and therefrom came a need for an administrative center which could cater to the various needs of Christians, irrespective of whether they were located in the geographical area or not. The first head office of this church in DC  was established in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It was known as the Biblical Institute and today it is known as Springdale College. This academic center has achieved much success in education as well as in providing Christian based programs to students across the globe. The educational division of the university was established in order to remedy the situation of dwindling Christian populations all over the world.

The present dispensation of the University has seen a drastic change. Under the direction of Dr. Henry calibrator, the present dispensation was established. Today, you can move back to Fayetteville, Arkansas whether you are relocating for business or for religious purposes. You do not have to leave all your belongings behind. In addition to this, the various Christian centers in Fayetteville and in surrounding areas are there to provide you with any help you may need while you relocate back to your old home or place of worship in the country. Check out this post for more details related to this article:

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